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Hello and welcome to my blog. As you’ve probably guessed my name is Stephen Roughley and I am a software developer based in Birkenhead in the North West of England, just across the Mersey from Liverpool. I’m going to skip the ‘About Me’ details that can be found on my LinkedIn profile and give you a brief rundown of why I created this blog.

Having been in the software development game for a while now and having been in various roles including development, management and consultancy I was recently given the opportunity to work alongside a team of similarly experienced developers in a highly technical role where I now find my skills and my preconceptions regularly challenged.

I’m finding myself being inspired and challenged in ways I haven’t experienced since the early days in my career. Having read a recent (at the time of writing this) article by Rob Conery that expresses a similar spirit, I felt motivated to start sharing what I am learning.

Furthermore, as I have been continually finding myself facing unique personal and technical challenges that have scant representation on the Internet I thought it would be helpful to others to document my discoveries. I have constantly found Google turn up nothing but foreign language sites, forum posts of people asking the same unanswered questions and those same questions reorganised by forum aggregators (you misleading click-bait wretches!). If even one developer is spared this lonely pain then I will be happy so please let me know if I’ve been of help to you.

Caveats, Justifications, etc.

I don’t want you to go away thinking that I am presenting my own ‘one true path’. This is just me sharing my experience. The reason I am sharing this is that I have worked on enough systems with enough developers and for a variety of companies over a good few years to realise that there are some truths and consistencies across many software development teams and projects. With these truths have come numerous insights that I feel will have value to others in the software development community.

View Stephen Roughley, MCPD's profile on LinkedIn

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