Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Stephen/Steve/Ste and I live in Birkenhead on the Wirral, just across the Mersey from Liverpool in England.

I’m a software developer, manager and consultant with 20 years’ experience in delivering business solutions using the Microsoft development stack.

I help software delivery teams, particularly those in UK regulated industries, on their path to happiness and predictability. My technical expertise lies in the delivery of distributed systems and in delivery process optimisation, with a current focus on cloud-native architectures and continuous deployment. As someone who loves the human aspect of software delivery, I thrive on helping others to overcome their organisational, technical and professional challenges. 

Modus Operandi

✔ Advocate and fight for development teams
✔ Build trust, confidence and self-accountability
✔ Focus on happiness and engagement
✔ Work towards outcomes
✔ Coach and support
✔ Make decisions based on data and empathy
✔ Align skills and intrinsic motivators to business objectives
✔ Encourage full ownership, rather than empowerment
✔ Assume everyone is trying their best
✔ Hire people, rather than resources

Site Logo/Icon

Site Logo and Icon: JWST Mirror Segment

The image used as the site icon is a segment from the James Webb Space Telescope. We are in for some major treats from the JWST. Follow along here: https://twitter.com/NASAWebb.

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