LinkedIn Error “There was a problem sharing your update. Please try again”.

Obscure Error

I was trying to reply to a comment on an article I posted to LinkedIn the other day and kept hitting the error “There was a problem sharing your update. Please try again”. Just a note to help anyone who might come across this error when attempting to post an update to LinkedIn, there is an unadvertised comment character limit of 800 characters.

A little help?

It would be great if this was made obvious somewhere such as in the error itself or at least somewhere on the site but even searching the Internet for “There was a problem sharing your update. Please try again” didn’t turn up much for me. It wasn’t until I opened a support ticket that I was given this info.

I hope posting this here will at some point in the future save someone from wasting the time I did.

27 responses to “LinkedIn Error “There was a problem sharing your update. Please try again”.”

  1. Thanks for this! I just had the same silly problem and wasted ages on it, only in this case the word limit seems to be have been more like 500. LinkedIn had it right a couple of years ago, but in my view it’s losing it fast right now!

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    • Brigitte: Keep on reducing! The group I was posting to had a stated limit of 800, but wouldn’t accept my post until I cut it into two posts of around 400 each, so I’m assuming their actual limit was probably 500. Maybe the group you’re posting to has “gone twitter”!


  2. Who has the time to deal with a tool that is so crude that it doesn’t give the reason for rejecting a response message?


  3. The LinkedIn iPhone app doesn’t have this 800 character limit. This error message also seems to be displayed if you reply to your own comment on the web version.


  4. Doesn’t always matter re: character limits – i.e. 800. I posted a TED Talk video – no go. same message even repeating over three days. If I post ‘test’ it works. So, something in attaching a file (and not all files trigger this) cause this glitch as well as exceeding the character limits.


  5. Thanks guys – i was getting really frustrated trying to post my comment and only found the solution after seeing your post. And LinkedIn really should fix this silly error and make it explicit..


  6. Thank you for sharing this info! This happened to me several times and had no idea. The most annoying thing is when I refersh the feed the article I wanted to post on dissapeared, this happened a few times.

    God linkedin really is the worst designed site from a user perspective, I have no idea how no one made a better replacement yet !


  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I was completely flummoxed. Such a silly primitive glitch. LinkedIn had a Help page that addressed this problem, but now it’s a 404 error. I found reducing characters to 800 didn’t work — had to reduce to 700. You might edit your post to the effect that several people have experienced that.


  8. I had a similar problem with uploading a new article (blog) in LinkedIn. It finally worked, after I did a full reload (shift-F5). Apparently, some cookie blocked it. Afterwards, it was possible to upload and save it.


  9. For me the blocker was an attached PNG file.
    Converted the image to JPG and it went through.
    I’m interested if this “very informative message” has appeared after Microsoft acquired linkedIn.


  10. I keep getting this regardless of number of characters. It’s poor business practice that LinkedIn doesn’t provide a reason for the error (good UI guidance indicates to *always* provide a reason and a solution to users). They need to hire some good UI designers and editors to check that things are clear.

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